Monday, May 7, 2012

Tips To Prevent Coronary Heart Disease Risk

1. Implement a healthy lifestyle
2. Try the herbal medicine
3. Expand to eat fish, because they contain omega three fatty acids

Healthy Lifestyle
Everything we do is very influential on health and disease we suffer. All causes of death such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, lung disease can be prevented. Here are the things, patterns and lifestyles as well as tips on maintaining a healthy body.

1. Do not smoke or use tobacco products
Tobacco use is one of the most dangerous. One in six deaths in the United States is a way of life because of smoking.

2. Limit the amount of alcohol consumption.
Limit your alcohol beverages, for men do not drink alcohol more than 2 cans and for women's limited one can per day. Too much alcohol can damage the liver, causing cancer diseases such as cancer of the esophagus and liver cancer.

3. Eating right
Some diseases related to diet such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and damage to the arteries that supply blood to the body. Dietary fiber, fruits and vegetables can help you reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.

4. Reduce weight for an overweight
Being overweight can increase the risk factor for high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes. You can reduce the excess weight gradually and help you keep it within normal limits with a high fiber diet, exercise regularly.

5. Take control of your cholesterol levels
If your high blood cholesterol levels, lower your cholesterol by eating right, such as by reducing the amount of fat you eat, and by doing regular exercise, or maybe if you needed to see a doctor to get some cholesterol-lowering drugs.

 6. Control high blood pressure
High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease events, stroke, and kidney disease. To control your high blood pressure you can do is reduce your weight, exercise regularly, eat less sodium in your diet, not smoking, high blood pressure-lowering drugs if your doctor recommends.

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